Muddy peas in a pod

by Lesley on November 1, 2010 · 6 comments

in running

There are a lot of things in life that are totally normal to some people and completely strange to others. For instance, my husband might say it’s completely normal to sit on the couch watching two games of football at the same time, (one on his laptop, one on TV) whereas I might believe that’s not only excessive but really boring.

On the other hand, yours truly paid a good chunk of change on Sunday to run through mud for fun. Yeah, yeah. I know.  I can practically hear my friend Sarah lecturing me as she reads this. “Um, wait…let me get this straight. First of all- you ran just for the fun of it, and then on top of that you purposefully ran through mud?”

Yup. And, I loved it.

The race was more challenging than I thought it would be–from the steep hills to the obstacles along the way–and it was a lot dirtier  too. (I wish I had an “after” picture to prove so!) But what surprised me most was how alive the race made me feel. At the risk of sounding cheesy, the race made me feel alive. I could feel my lungs burn in a way they hadn’t in awhile, and my legs were like jello when we crawled out of the lake. And the mud! Oh, the mud. It was much colder than I thought it would be. I sunk into it, squishy and soft. SLOP, SLOP, SLOP it went. My mind was racing the entire time, “Close your eyes… no… wait! Don’t close them- because you won’t be able to see. Half close them. And, make sure to close your mouth! Wow, I hope there’s nothing gross in here….”

With every sense elevated and the crowd cheering us on, I finished right behind Jonathan who slowed down for me along the course so that we could finish together. I’m pretty sure his pace helped me out because I finished 14 out of 214 women in my age category. How fun is that?!

Afterwards we joined the rest of our black-eyed peas for pizza at BJs followed by a Sunday afternoon nap. I woke up today feeling every muscle.

I feel alive. I like that feeling.

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