Nightmare on 39th Street

by Lesley on October 31, 2010 · 3 comments

in for fun

It’s 9:30pm on Halloween night. Most of the knocking and doorbell ringing has stopped. We’re cozied up at home, filling out our ballots for Tuesday’s election. As the night comes to a close, I thought I’d offer my reflections on the evening.

Things I loved about Halloween night:

  • An excuse to make squash soup, turn on candles and stay at home on the couch eating candy.
  • Bumblebee babies, ladybugs, lions, pumpkins and the pudgy little boy who waddled up in a fireman’s uniform.
  • Our neighbor’s front yard Haunted House, which is straight out of this week’s episode of Modern Family. Love that show.
  • The idea that for one night, people are nice enough to open up their homes and hand out gifts to strangers.

If I could post a sign on my door right now, it might say:

  • Please say, “Trick-or-Treat” followed by, “Thank you!”
  • If it’s after 9pm, your two year old should be home in bed, not knocking on my door.
  • A naughty nurse costume is never appropriate, especially if you’re 14.
  • Yes my lights are out. Yes I ran out of candy two hours ago. Yes I can hear you when you say to your child, “Pee on their front door.”

What were your favorite costumes tonight?

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Your squash soup is amazing. So are the signs you would put on your door. I went door to door with Vander and Huddy and after every single candy drop had to say, "What do you say?" They almost always said, "Thank you. Happy Halloween." But once Van got confused and said, "Hi, my name is Vander." Also, I nearly had an incredibly awkward moment because of that Modern Family episode. One house had an open door, a bowl of candy sitting in the hall, lights were low and scary music was playing. I thought, "Oh fun! A haunted house!" and told Heidi to come up. Luckily it took her a minute because by the time she came to the door, so did the owner who had turned down his creepy music and handed out the candy. I blushed envisioning the moment that I almost created by walking into a creepy stranger's house thinking it was an open haunted house.

Lesley Miller
Lesley Miller

Ewwwww! Pussy Cat Dolls!?! Tammy, that's just bad news. I can just imagine you sweetly putting candy in their bags. :)


The winner at my house for most inappropriate costume was two 7-year-old girls dressed up as the Pussy Cat Dolls. Watch out boys of Tahoe Park Elementary!