Pour some sugar on me

by Lesley on October 3, 2010 · 6 comments

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At work I’ve been reading a lot of food blogs in preparation for a conference I’m attending this week called BlogHer Food in San Francisco. I’m really excited to go because it’s one of the largest blog conferences for foodies. I realize I’m not a food blogger, nor will I probably ever be, but after visiting so many amazing food blogs I got inspired to create my own post about a recent adventure in the kitchen.

A few weeks ago, after months of talking about it, I finally made jam. Joy was visiting from Portland, so Sharon and I dragged her to Old Soul at Forty Acres for breakfast, followed by a quick visit to the Oak Park Farmer’s Market for ingredients. We decided to see what the market had in stock before determining what type of jam we’d make. We settled on a strawberry peach jam. Unlike professional chefs, we had no recipe in mind so we guessed at the amount of produce we’d need. Probably not the smartest idea when you’re making jam…but…whatever.

Next we ran over to Target for Mason jars, as evidenced by this photo of me grinning like a Cheshire cat.

We came back to my apartment, much to Jonathan’s excitement, and took over the kitchen while he resumed his typical Saturday morning position on the couch. Joy made guacamole for us to devour while Sharon and I started prepping the fruit.

After looking at several recipes, we decided to make up our own version of jam. Surely we wouldn’t need as much sugar as the recipes called for, right? (It was SOOO much sugar!) We soon found out that, yes, jam needs lots of sugar to get thick. We stirred, and stirred, and stirred for a loooooong time. Joy managed to burn herself about 18 times through this process.

Finally we were able to pour and then seal the jam up using a nifty contraption I bought at Target.

Surprisingly, the jam turned out really well. Jonathan and I already finished our first jar. I’m already dreaming about a visit to Apple Hill in a few weeks so I can try my hand at apple butter and applesauce.

Sweet treat!

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