A date to the movies

by Lesley on September 23, 2010 · 4 comments

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It took myself on a well-earned date to the movies one Thursday night this summer when Jonathan had a 9:30pm softball game. It was a rare opportunity to plan my own night, at my own pace.

It was going so well. And then, it was going NOT so well.

I confess: I broke the rules. You know I don’t break the rules often. Yet I just couldn’t resist bring my mango Juice Squeeze into the theatre.

We all realize there are “No outside food and beverages” allowed in movie theatres, which is why we all bring huge purses with us to hide all sorts of goodies. I’m guilty of sneaking in full burritos, bags of popcorn, and frozen yogurt. A simple Juice Squeeze? I didn’t even think twice about the little glass bottle.

Until I pulled it out of my purse, and dropped it into the cup holder of my armrest.

The cupholder with the hole in the bottom.

And it shattered into a thousand, tiny little pieces.


At this point, a person has several options:

  1. Run for the door and don’t look back OR
  2. Fess up to management about your naughty behavior.

I, being the rule follower, decided on option two.

It was just my luck the theatre’s snack bar staff consisted of 15 year old who was sweeter than sweet. He was also really incompetent.

After I confessed, apologized, and swore up and down it would never happen again, he panicked. There I was in the middle of the theatre lobby as he went into disaster mode. He paced, and wrung his hands. “I need tape. I need to notify a manager. Someone needs to watch the snack bar…I just don’t know what to do first,” he said with the expression of a man watching his wife go into labor for the first time.

I wanted to curl into a ball and die—for him and for me.

I continued to want to curl into a ball and die for the entire preview portion of the movie. Naturally, I’d picked the aisle seat, approximately half way down the theatre aisle. Guess where every late patron wanted to sit? My exact seat with the broken glass. And, guess how long it took concessions boy to put up caution tape? Oh—he waited until the movie had started to  *loudly* pull out tape around the seats.

The worst part of the entire experience, besides giving the poor kid a heart attack, was not having a person there to giggle with or assure me everything would be okay. I wanted an evening alone, but when I got it, I felt so…well…alone.

Have you ever had a moment when you completely embarrassed yourself and had no one to laugh it off with? Do tell!

p.s. the movie I saw, Babies, was really cute.

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Jenny S
Jenny S

If only I lived closer so... 1. I could've gone to see the movie with you since I've been wanting to see it! 2. We could've giggled together over broken juice squeeze and over the 15 year old boy - i love that awkward phase. 3. So I could've bought you a huge, overpriced movie soda and made you sit on the opposite side of the theater and pretend like it never happened. Oh this is such a classic Lesley move and I loved reading about it.


I have a few nicknames for Lesley. One of them is the, "Oops" girl. My little Lesley growing up, had a difficult time holding on to things. Items would just seem to magically leap from her hands for no apparent reason. If she didn't drop something, she would knock it over, hence the name, Oops Girl. It sounds like my little bundle of joy had another oops moment. Thanks for taking me back to Memory Lane, Lesley!


Hilarious. Even more hilarious that Babies was the movie you saw alone, when Bethie and I tried to see it twice together! And failed twice, and I still haven't seen it! I think I'll just rent it in the comfort of my own home with all my own snacks... ;)


This cracked me up! Sincerely! First of all, I am equally guilty of smuggling goods into the theatre which always goes against my rule following, law abiding nature. Chai tea lattes, sub sandwiches, even leftovers in a tupperware! Um, something embarrassing that happened to me while alone? There are so many (I am a magnet for those types of events :)) and I can't think of one at the moment. I will have to ask one of my friends with an excellent memory. Oh and I absolutely loved that movie!