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by Lesley on May 23, 2010 · 4 comments

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May collage

It’s been awhile since I blogged about just the ordinary. So, here’s what’s going on inside the world of me during the month of May.

Jonathan’s brother, Matt, graduated from Westmont a few weeks ago. Between our two families, we’ve had a high school or college graduation every single year for the last ten years. It’s a tough life going to Santa Barbara every May. The college looks amazing after several new building additions and a new track. I loved seeing a few old friends, and walking around campus with my old roommate, Katie. Every area of campus seems to hold a different memory. Marlene cooked a huge lunch for the whole family and we picnicked on the observatory lawn. I also managed to squeeze in time with Jenny, Chris & Asher (that cute baby above), Backyard Bowls with Peach, a morning run on the beach, Hendry’s with Corinne, Palazzios and Jeannine’s with the Millers, and church at Santa Barbara Community. It was a very full and very fun weekend.

May is always packed with celebrations, and this month has been no different. We also toasted Rachel’s graduation from law school with a dinner at Lucca. I am really sad to see her leave Sacramento. She has been a great friend to Jonathan and I the last three years. Plus, who will I make gluten free brownies for now that she’s gone? We miss you already Rachel!

Last Saturday we spent time in Modesto to celebrate Lisa and Chase’s new baby. Lisa and I lived together the year before we were both married (only two weeks apart) so I always feel a special bond with her. After the shower, Lisa, Britt, Sharon, Emily and I lounged around on the Phillip’s deck, eating chips and salsa while the guys slapped each other around in the pool. The warm spring day turned into a lovely sunset and a chatty dinner with friends. The highlight of the afternoon, however, was convincing Lisa to try her old prom dress. She humored us, and put the thing on over her growing belly. She actually looked incredible, which we told her through our fit of giggles.

The Amgen Tour raced through Sacramento the next day, and I insisted that Jonathan and I ride bikes downtown to watch. We got frozen yogurt, walked around, and cheered for Lance (who apparently biked past us, although it was hard to tell because of the speed.) The weather here is slloooowwwwllllyyyy warming up, and last Sunday was a reminder that summer is almost here. I cannot wait for the heat. <– Did you ever think I’d say such a thing?!?

This last week, I scored big time. My co-worker hooked me up with free sixth row tickets to see Carrie Underwood. We got a great dinner at Magpie before heading to Arco. Carrie put on a great show. Between her costumes, her legs, her voice, her humility, and the flying car…I was giddy. I also loved when she sang How Great Thou Art–one of my favorite hymns!

This weekend was so relaxing. I caught up on Glee (loved it!) watched Edge of Darkness (scary!), ¬†and started (and finished) Somewhere Inside: One Sister’s Captivity in North Korea and the Other’s Fight to Bring Her Home. If you remember, last summer I followed the Ling sisters story closely in the media so it was very encouraging to finally read about their story firsthand. (My post about the Sacramento vigil last summer.) Plus, I got to read it on a borrowed Kindle that I’m quickly falling in love with. Anyone else have a Kindle? I missed having an actual book but it was so cool to buy in on Friday at 8pm, and start reading it at 8:01pm. Plus, for a multi-tasker like me, I was able to read it while blow drying my hair and eating dinner. (You were wondering how I finished it in less than 24 hours, right?)

Today I convinced Jonathan to give blood with me. He did great! I found out that my blood type is incredibly rare which is why I get a phone call exactly every 56 days. And, the nurse told me that my blood will almost always go to babies. I immediately felt very special and started gloating about it on the way home. My dad motivated me to try and reach the “1 gallon club.” So far, I’m halfway there. When I reach the goal, I think I might buy myself a gallon of ice cream to celebrate. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll consider sharing.

The days and evenings have been scattered with the usual- work meetings, dinners with friends, and bible study. The nights are lighter, the trees are greener, and I’m a happy clam as I eagerly anticipate the season of weddings, camping, family trips, the drive-in, Pops in the Park, bike rides and floating the river. What are you soaking up right now?

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