Run. Drive. Sleep? Repeat.

by Lesley on April 26, 2010 · 8 comments

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Ragnar collage
The Southern California Ragnar Relay, a recipe
12 people
2 vans
1 RV
iPod full of new music and NPR podcasts
3 sets of clothes, 5 sports bras, 4+ bags of Trader Joe’s snacks,
and a pancake breakfast
2 bike pacers (thanks Dad and Allison!)
Assemble team of 12. Preheat for three months with lots of training runs and complaining. Assemble/manipulate close family members to act as bodyguards during middle-of-the-night legs. Fly to Santa Barbara. Drive to Ventura. Show up at a random church in Moorpark to meet two vans full of strangers. Drink lots of water. Start driving, slowly. Cheer loudly. Honk horn often. Hop out of van at 4pm, run 7.4 miles completely uphill. Question why you agreed to ever do a relay race in the first place. Eat mexican food. Sleep from 11:15pm to 2:15am. Run 6.8 miles from Manhattan Beach to Redondo Beach. Reward yourself with hot chocolate to ward off exhaustion. Cheer for teammates, eat, drive, honk horn. Show up at Huntington Beach for a two hour nap. Think about showering. Decide to eat pancake breakfast instead. Hop back into van. Run 5.4 miles through Irvine. Eat-AGAIN. Show up at finish line as the sun sets to celebrate and collect medals.
Total prep time: 3 months
Total time in oven: 36 hours from start to finish; 200 miles

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