I believe…part two.

by Lesley on December 16, 2009 · 3 comments

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I believe baking can soothe the soul. I believe a smoothie a day keeps the doctor away. I believe flannel sheets are one of the best items we’ve purchased for ourselves. I believe in answering people honestly when they ask how I’m doing. I believe in a God who doesn’t play fair. I believe that same God knows what He’s doing. I believe in cream cheese frosting. I believe fantasy football is a guy’s way of keeping in touch with his friends. I believe in keeping my cell phone on vibrate. I believe marriage has made me a better person. I believe in wearing over SPF 30 on my face at all times. I believe in taking public transportation. I believe in HULU (!) I believe friends should ask a lot of each other, and give a lot to each other. I believe in spontaneous dinner parties. I believe we assume too much, judge too often, and forgive too little. I believe in constantly working to fix those things.

Part one can be found here.

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Awesome post Lesley. We believe in a lot of the same things, and for that, I am grateful to have you as a friend.


I believe in you! You do amaze me :)


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