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I have writer’s block. And it’s Twitter’s fault.

The last few months I’ve found it very difficult to blog. In the old days, I would think of blog post ideas throughout the day and look forward to a few evenings each week where I’d let the words flow off my hands and heart onto the screen. Recently, it hasn’t been so easy. I have a lot of theories as to why this has been the case, but the one that makes the most sense is TWITTER. For the last year or so I’ve been “tweeting” for work; and in the last six months that task has become a large part of my job. Not only do I tweet for my own company, but I tweet for our clients, and I’ve been giving 1-4 hour trainings on how to use social media tools like Twitter for business.

The problem with Twitter is it engages my mind differently than writing. It makes me think in short, 140 character posts. It allows me to be lazy and “re-tweet” an article instead of analyzing it on this blog. Twitter keeps me hopping around all day, scanning, moving, never settling to just rest in a thought or a feeling. For as much as Ilove Twitter for marketing purposes, I’m also worried it’s sucking my creativity down the drain.

So, for those of you who have asked, “Where have you gone?” (i.e. Michele, Hachoo, and a few others) just know that I’m still here. I obviously need to work through my creative slump, and I will, but in the meantime please enjoy these 140 (ish) character updates on our life recently:


Went to Lake McClure w/high school group. The last hot summer weekend. Sweet girls, glassy water, pro wakeboard lessons. #bestvolunteergigever


(Actual tweet): I loved hearing my friend’s voice this morning at 5:53am when she said, “We have a baby boy and he’s soooo cute.” I cried. (Read more about Jenny and Chris’ new baby, Asher, on Maggie’s blog. She put into words how my heart felt.)


No, we aren’t sisters by blood, but couldn’t we convince someone otherwise? #breakfastatsambos


L-R: Doctor, Lawyer, DC Marketing Guru/Dad. Who’d have guessed so much could happen in five years? It’s been an uphill battle many days. Homecoming weekend reminded us that while we’ve perhaps grown up a little bit, our friendships haven’t changed. (Yeah, yeah…that one was longer than 140 characters. Sigh.) For a really sweet and thoughtful post on Homecoming, check out Corinne’s blog. Corinne, I wish I could have said what you said. It’s lovely.

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We are glad to have you back Lesley ;)