Feel Good Friday: In the Spirit of Peace

by Lesley on September 18, 2009 · 0 comments

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“We had quite a media storm when we learned that a parent of a kindergarten student in our school was earning a living as a stripper and we asked her to either give up that profession or withdraw her child from our school. Since that day, life has had many twists and turns for Christina and her family. … I’m happy to share with you that Christina has been attending our church faithfully since January and her two children are enrolled in our school. We have come full circle in our relationship.”

“Ben Sharpe has walked in forgiveness toward others and has excelled in his journey since the firestorm he experienced with us 14 years ago. Ben was in my oldest son’s eighth-grade class in 1995. He was chosen that spring to receive the Superintendent’s Award for academic achievement and character and citizenship. He was an impressive young man. A few days before graduation, Ben got a haircut that appeared to violate a dress code rule. … Ben was prohibited from attending graduation and receiving a well-deserved award. … On behalf of leaders who did not intend to betray Ben Sharpe and his family, but by our actions much pain was caused, I want to publicly ask forgiveness. … I can’t change the past, but I can act on what I can do today.” –Rick Cole, Pastor of Capital Christian Church in Sacramento, during last Sunday’s sermon.

Nothing makes me feel better than churches realizing when they’ve done wrong, and publicly asking for forgiveness. On top of that, our major newspaper covered the story on the front page. Read the full Sacramento Bee article here.

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