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by Lesley on September 5, 2009 · 5 comments

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Three years ago I started this blog. I think it began one morning when Jonathan had left for class, and I was at home applying for jobs and watching The View. I was still in the honeymoon phase of life in Sacramento, enjoying quiet time at home and not yet stressed about my lack of a job. Over the past three years this place has allowed me to capture my thoughts about Jonathan’s journey through school and my quest for a career; plus it’s been a creative space where I could write. For those reasons, it only seems appropriate that I give a brief update on where we’re at today.

Many of our friends have asked over the last six months what we’d do once Jonathan graduated. That question, asked in curiosity and love, reminded us that people cared about our future. The question also completely stressed us out and made us want to crawl in a hole for six months until we figured things out. With papers like the New York Times discussing how difficult job prospects are this year for first time lawyers, we had no expectations.

A few weeks ago, Jonathan was offered a “part time” ┬átemporary position at a firm in Roseville–about 20 minutes from our house. He started two days after receiving the offer and has worked every day since. (So much for part time!) We’re really excited he has work for the next few months at a great firm. The offer allows me to continue working at my job, which I really like, and gives him firm experience that he didn’t have before.

Next steps/prayer requests: On November 20 Jonathan will find out if he passes the Bar. At that time, depending on his results, the firm he is working for will re-evaluate if they can offer him a full time attorney position.

So, while things are still somewhat temporary, we are encouraged by how God has taken us step by step to this point, and we continue to be thankful for your prayers and encouragement over the last several years. Thank you!

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