Feel Good Friday: Dopey’s Happy Homecoming

by Lesley on June 26, 2009 · 3 comments

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I grew up with an incredibly fat, orange cat named Rex. While lazy and somewhat grumpy, he was a good cat. He certainly enjoyed his life under our couch, and when we lost him to a coyote all of us were very, very sad. So, when I saw an article in the Bee earlier this week about a long lost orange kitty, I just had to share.

Six years ago, Dopey the cat went missing from his home in Rancho Cordova. His original family had long given up hope that he might return, until they received a phone call from the local shelter informing them the cat had been found. 

Dopey has now settled back into his life with Spencer, Inny and Fluffy, as well as his human companions.

Read the full story here.

If you want to hear a sad story about a missing cat, click here. Interestingly, the couple who lost their cat are Westmont alumns. I know, I know…today is feel good Friday. But, isn’t their story wild?!

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1- I remember Rex was a super cool cat but I also vaguely remember laughing about his death- why is that? Did you tell his death story in a funny way or am just heartless? 2- I have renewed hope that Kiki will show up but fear that Press will (he was the one that peed in my face) 3- Kitty Pants? Really? I suppose I've heard stranger cat names (ie Jim and Linda) Weren't those Anna's pet names? 4- Thanks for keeping me entertained and informed:)

Lindsay Murad
Lindsay Murad

I just realized I spelled your name wrong. Sorry, Lesley.

Lindsay Murad
Lindsay Murad

I loved this one, Leslie. So funny about Dopey being returned after 5 years! Crazy. I also watched the video about Kitty Pants. I think I am most disappointed in the family who refuses to give him back to the Roaches. I wrote an email to the person they suggested at the end of the video. Hopefully enough squeakiness in the wheels gets a better working system and perhaps Kitty Pants back to the rightful owners!