Race for the Rock

by Lesley on June 7, 2009 · 2 comments

in sacramento

p6070116Could there be anything more fun than this:

  • A beautiful 80 degree day with my friend Kara
  • The search for a $25,000 diamond ring
  • Bikes, 1,000 people, and text message clues
  • Racing around Sacramento with capes on
  • Watching the couple behind us in line claim the winning prize
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True fact...I was sad for a brief moment that we didn't win, BUT, since the cute couple won instead I felt 100% okay about. plus, the guy who won just had cancer. I mean, he deserves a break, right?

Amy Vogt
Amy Vogt

The couple behind you??!! Good grief, you were close! It sounds like a blast. I want to hear more. P.S. I love that you still have that cape. Furthermore, I love that you wear it.