Feel Good Friday: A reunion of the best kind

by Lesley on June 6, 2009 · 2 comments

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I’m starting a new tradition today. I hope you’ll get as excited about it as I am.

You see, I’m sort of a news junkie. I don’t say this to brag…like, “I’m so smart because I read the newspaper every morning.” In fact, I don’t read the newspaper every morning. It’s more that I scan the Sac Bee, read a couple articles that stand out, and then jump on the internet where I scan around 20 articles throughout the course of the day. It helps me do a better job at work, and in the meantime I stumble across interesting reads and helpful information.

I’ve learned that while some people say that there isn’t much good news in the media, if you pay attention there are actually some beautiful stories.

Starting today, I’ll try to post a feel good story every Friday. This will be an article or video from anytime that previous week. I’ll warn you, ┬ámy interpretation of “feel good” will probably stretch at times, but, that’s what I get to do because it’s my blog.

I hope you’ll enjoy this clip from the Today Show. It got me all choked up, and I hadn’t even eaten my oatmeal yet. I’m so turning into my dad.

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I'm looking forward to all of your Feel Good Fridays! And that was an amazing video.


I did have my oatmeal and I am still crying. Oh heavens, that was beautiful.