Priceless Possessions

by Lesley on May 7, 2009 · 5 comments

in santa barbara


A few of my dear friends live in Santa Barbara, right on the lines of the Jesusita Fire. I exchanged emails this morning with Peach, and she mentioned how it’s interesting to see what one actually grabs in the middle of a very quick evacuation. So, without giving this any prior thought, I’m going to quickly write down the top 10 things I’d grab if I had 15 minutes to evacuate.

1. My wedding album

2. My computer and the machine where we back everything up

3. All my college pictures which are not digital

4. By plastic bin of old cards and sentimental letters

5. My journals–about 5 of them or so that I keep in my nightstand

6. At least 3 pairs of shoes, because we all know how difficult it is for me to find shoes that fit

7. One large suitcase of my favorite clothes/underwear

8. Jonathan’s skiis because that would make him happy

9. Our insurance information

That’s it. I can’t get to 10. It took me two long minutes to try and I can’t think of another item . I really don’t have many things in my apartment that couldn’t be replaced. Funny how I am always craving “more” but in reality those things are just things that can be bought and replaced.

What would you save?

p.s. Please keep Jason in your prayers as he fights these wildfires!

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**Update: Writing this at 10:15pm. As I watched fire coverage tonight, I thought about how easy it is for me to so flippantly write this post, having never been in the actual situation of maybe losing a home. It’s very simple for me, being young and not owning a home, to say everything can be replaced. All of the big things I own-furniture mainly-are hand me downs. My nice possessions were all wedding presents which are insured. So, it’s easy to say that things can be replaced. I know that is not the case for everyone. I know this fire tonight will devastate many… just as the Tea Fire did. I hope I didn’t come across earlier as not understanding some of that weight.

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This reminds me of my birthday when the fire alarm went off at our hotel in San Francisco. Brett jumped out of bed and was dressed waiting at the door in about 0.3 seconds, while I was peacefully dreaming (of sirens apparently). Your blog makes me wonder....maybe I should make a list of stuff for Brett to grab, in addition to grabbing me? I'll start working on that. p.s. thanks for adding my blog to your list, although I was definitely just giving you a hard time! =)


Sharon, Kevin--you both know Jonathan too well. For crying out loud, the boy couldn't even get dressed this morning to go running...he walked around the house aimlessly in a daze wearing boxers and sandals. Poor guy. He just doesn't like the waking hours...


I agree with Kevin. If a fire happened to attack your house in the morning, just waking Miller up and getting him conscious enough to walk out of the house would be a feat in itself.


no way you are grabbing any of that if you had to evacuate. you would be too busy getting miller out of the house. and i too didnt think about the subject of the article as flippant or whatever, until i read your PS, then i realized that i have thought about much the same...i don't have anything to lose, so whatever. not that that's what you said, but you know what i mean. sorry, this is a long comment and worth nothing. been working tooooo much and my brain is dead. apologies.


Just when I got the hang of the old one...!