Planting Pace Picante

by Lesley on April 21, 2009 · 2 comments

in gardening

Tis the season for planting gardens, as evidenced by our First Ladies, Maria and Michelle

It’s my very favorite thing to post pictures of our garden, and more specifically pictures of my hubby gardening. (As evidenced by this post, and this infamous video). 
Last year, because of our flooding incident, the garden never really produced the large quantity of tomatoes we’d hoped for. This year I am determined to grow enough tomatoes and peppers to cook massive amounts of homemade salsa. I’m also hoping to have some leftovers to donate to a local fresh food bank that provides healthy food packages to people in need.
If you’re planting a garden this summer, consider finding a fresh food bank in your city or talk to neighbors who are also planting gardens to consider crop swapping, another trend emerging in Sacramento.  With a little bit of coordination and effort, you can easily obtain fresh produce without paying much money or spending much time.
Here is a first glimpse at our newly planted garden: four different types of peppers, tomatoes, Japanese eggplant, basil, squash, chives and strawberries.
For any who are curious (DAD) our garden is technically “organic” but we do use a spray for the leaves when slugs appear. It’s supposedly pesticide free, but who really knows? Thanks to Rachel and Betsie, we’ve also pumped these beds full of homemade compost. If I grow HUGE tomatoes, I’ll be sure to publicly thank them. If my garden fails, you know who I’m going to be pointing my finger towards. 
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