From the mountains to the sea

by Lesley on April 8, 2009 · 2 comments

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Last weekend I visited Lori in the Santa Cruz mountains. She’s been there for almost two years, and will leave in May after she graduates from San Jose State with her masters in Occupational Therapy. It’s a shame I waited to so long to visit her, although she might consider it lucky since I very well could have jumped ship and moved into her bedroom had I know the beauty of Felton, California. Where else can you hike through the sky high redwoods, and then drive a short 10 minutes to the rocky cliffs of Santa Cruz ? 
We spent all weekend walking, and hiking, and walking. We didn’t run out of things to talk about (do we ever?) and Lor taught me how to make her (now) famous Chinese Chicken Salad and I taught her how to make Jenny’s mom’s Alaskan fish tacos. I also heard about her (shhhhhh) semi new boyfriend Dan the II. I can’t wait to sit next to him at her graduation and make awkward comments that make him think I’m very odd. It’s only my favorite thing to do.
Lor, thanks for a fabulous weekend that allowed me to get the fresh air and friendship I needed. Love you! 
p.s. told you I’d put this picture on my blog.
p.p.s. I saw Seven Pounds AND Slumdog Millionare this weekend. LOVED them both and would highly recommend to all.
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lori lester
lori lester

I LOVED having you here!...and I can't wait to hear what kind of awkward comments you have for Dan at graduation...