I got Punk’d

by Lesley on February 23, 2009 · 1 comment

in for fun

I love a good prank. Not the nasty, mean-spirited ones, but the good old fashioned kind. In high school and college, I witnessed plenty, and participated in more than a few. Almost every weekend in high school I would drive around with my girlfriends in Seeca’s big blue van as we determined which boy in our love circle who would fall victim to our Charmin’ TP charm. In college, all of us girls in Page woke up one morning to find our toilet seats missing, which obviously led to a year long war between the floors.

Knowing my mischievous background, you’ll understand why I wasn’t the least bit upset to find this on Friday morning:

Our car, covered in window paint– with such slogans as “SUCKKKERRSSS” and “For Sale, $5” and “We love you.”

I believe the culprits are the same two lovely ladies who continue to “knock ditch” us several times a month. But honestly, as much as I found it a little embarrassing to drive this thing around the last two days, can I be anymore proud to see visions of myself 10 years ago, running around looking for innocent fun?

That’s not to say revenge won’t be sweet.
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