Slowing down

by Lesley on January 11, 2009 · 1 comment

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I’ve been quiet, right? Quieter than I usually am. I’ve only posted two blogs in the last two weeks. One was pre-written before I left for Hawaii, the other was a quote from a book I was reading on the the beach. I had no motivation to write anything more. And, in many ways, that felt good.

Maui with the Millers was just the right way to end my year. This past fall I felt like I was sprinting to a finish line that would never come. It was a year of intentional choices and decisions, events and commitments. I realized that when you are intentional, you can get a lot done. I also realized how tiring it can be. Hawaii allowed me to let everything from the last year go, returning to what I love: family. God. the ocean. reading.

I also realized how addicted I have become to the internet. A friend told me this week that he read that checking ones email can be similar to a gambling addiction. Apparently, the rush of receiving an email is, in your brain, the same rush you get when gambling. Now, I’ve never gambled, and I don’t even know if what he read is true, but sometimes blogging, email and Facebook can feel like an addiction. Coming home from Hawaii, I’m vowing to do more unplugging this year. More reading. More sitting in bed at night reading my bible with a lone candle. More walks around the block with Jonathan in the cold night air. Don’t worry. I’ll still be blogging becuase I love it. But, maybe a little less. We’ll see.

My hope was to put all of our Hawaii pictures in a collage. Sadly, my sister’s hand-me-down Dell is on its last leg, and doing such a thing might take four hours. Not kidding. It’s that slow. Instead, visit my Picasa album!

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