Kissed the babies, and made them cry

by Lesley on December 28, 2008 · 0 comments

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Irvine has changed. Every time I come home I realize there is one new shopping center, or housing development, or restaurant, or nail salon that I’ve never noticed before.

Tonight, my parents and Jonathan and I tried to see Marley and Me. We were all semi excited about it- after all we love Labrador retrievers- but we also know that the time is getting nearer for our beloved Jet to pass away to doggy heaven. Like the dog Marley, Jet has been our family dog for 13 years. His hips are now a little wobbly, and he moves much slower, and we can no longer take him on walks. He’s still the same loving dog, but he’s aged. A lot.

The movie was sold out, so we ventured over to the Great Park and went on the free hot air balloon the Irvine Company has created to get OC taxpayers excited about the Central Park of the West Coast. It was freezing and a little scary to be up so high in the air, but what a lovely and peaceful view of my home. We could see the lights of the Spectrum, and the dark acresLink of the Great Park. Yes, Orange County has changed and will continue to change, but I think it’s good change nonetheless.

Last night I hosted all my high school friends for a 2nd Annual Reunion of sorts. Each year, someone new has gotten married, or had a baby. We have matured a lot (most of us)..and unlike high school a lot more alcohol is consumed (all in moderation Mom!)… but when we get together it’s old times again. We laugh, and tell the same silly stories, and watch Joensy as he makes the babies cry. It’s different, but beautiful and warm and familiar.

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