75 Reasons Why Girls Are Better Than Boys

by Lesley on December 28, 2008 · 2 comments

in for fun

I’ve been cleaning out my childhood bedroom this week. Among the treasures (of which there were many) I found a list titled “75 Reasons Why Girls Are Better Than Boys.” Can I share just a few?

** Note: I made no edits to spelling or grammar.

1. You know the difference between Leonardo DaVinci and Leonardo DiCaprio.
2. Insurance rates for girls are lower.
3. No hairy legs.
7. You can enjoy the music of Michael Bolton.
14. You always have someone to talk to in the bathroom.
17. Not everything has to be a contest.
20. You don’t have to wear your pants around your ankles.
21. You don’t go bald.
28. Girls can scream on roller coasters and not sound stupid.
33. Girls don’t have to have burping contests to proove themselves.

Other additions that were made to the list later include:
Girls don’t have to wear underwear under their swimsuits, girls can make a big deal about babies and puppies, and girls are allowed to giggle.

A few items on this list are particular insightful for 15 year olds, wouldn’t you say?

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