No fail Christmas desserts

by Lesley on December 15, 2008 · 3 comments

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It’s not Christmas without:
  • Buckeyes: The best little chocolate peanut butter cookie you’ve ever tasted. Marlene’s recipe is delicious, but I’m too lazy to type it out tonight so I’m linking to a similar option on These take time to make but are totally worth it.
  • Snowball cookies (aka Russian Tea Cakes): I loved making these at my Aunt Debbie’s house as a kid. They are so cute!
  • Grasshopper Pie: My mom makes this for Christmas and it’s delicious. I especially like this pie because it’s different than most Christmas desserts, but still very festive. I am not posting my mom’s recipe, but found one that looks very similar. Mmmmmmmm good.
  • Bread pudding: I tried this Real Simple recipe last night for the Melvin’s Christmas party. It was very easy. I actually substituted the croissants with ordinary dinner rolls because the grocery store didn’t have croissants. The dinner rolls were much cheaper and tasted great. Reminds me of the Westmont President’s Christmas Party.
  • Candy Cane Trader Joe Joes Cookies: Ahhhhh the perfect go-to dessert that requires no work whatsoever. Eat with hot cocoa, or put on top of ice cream. Delicious.
  • William Sonoma Peppermint Bark: Another easy treat that requires no baking. This candy is expensive which is why I wait until I go home for Christmas and steal some of my mom’s. I’ve tasted good imitations, but nothing beats the original.

Bring on the Christmas pounds!!

Next week: Unforgettable Christmas gifts of the past

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