Black Friday, my style

by Lesley on November 29, 2008 · 4 comments

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It’s an annual Lesley tradition to hit up Target the day after Thanksgiving. I’m not necessarily looking for a deal. I don’t line up at 4am (ha! Are you kidding me? I sleep off that Turkey till 10am), but I never leave without buying something.

In college I always purchased the annual Target Christmas CD, which has now resulted in a collection of holiday songs from legends such as Hanson. I would also stock up on a new ornament or two, decorations for my dorm room, and Christmas cards. On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, I’d load up my 1994 Sunbird convertible with my bulging Target bags, pop in the new CD, cruise up the 101, and take in the anticipation of Christmas.

I miss those years. I miss the twinkling oil rigs out on the water which, although they were there year round, looked like sparkling Christmas lights announcing the onset of Christmas. I miss unpacking my Target bag to adorn my tiny living space with the smells of the holiday season. And while my roommates probably don’t miss me singing Mariah Carey to the top of my lungs in the shower of Page Hall, I love the memories of creating screeching harmonies that only my voice (and Jenny’s) could produce.

Today, just like all the years past, I headed to Target. Although I’ve gone to this Target many times since moving to Sacramento, it didn’t feel like home today. Home is the Murietta Target with Katie and Sarah, the Irvine Target with my Mom and Allison. Today, I was wandering the aisles alone.

I didn’t leave with much. I couldn’t find the Target CD, and probably wouldn’t have bought it even if I had. I’m ordering Christmas cards online this year. Since we’ve got more decorations than our little one bedroom apartment can handle, I didn’t throw in the little silver reindeer I’ve been coveting the last few seasons. I even passed by the wrapping paper–because for the first time in my life we are flying home for Christmas. With airline restrictions (and the economy) we’ve decided to purchase small items that will be wrapped on Christmas Eve.

This year, we won’t be packing up our cars on Sunday for Santa Barbara. We won’t be braving the 5 freeway and bumper to bumper traffic either. We will be here. Together. It is different than all the years past, but it is wonderful and good too.
Photo credit: Matt McGee
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