Dear Martha

by Lesley on November 23, 2008 · 1 comment

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Dear Martha,

You’ve taken a lot of slack over the last few years. The whole going-to-jail thing was a big mess that obviously made me lose a little respect for you. Girl, you should have paid your taxes just like everyone else. That being said, I want you to know you’ve earned back some love from a girl in Sacramento.

Last year I made my very first, homemade apple pie for Thanksgiving. In fact, I made two at the same time– one for Mom’s side of the family and one for Jonathan’s family. In an attempt to be truly like you, I went all the way up to Apple Hill to pick apples straight from the tree. I wanted those pies to be 100% homemade. (Am I making you proud?)

When I got home, I searched the internet for the perfect crust recipe. For no better reason other than the fact that you’re awesome, I went with your recipe. You did not dissapoint. The dough was easy to manage, easy to roll. I had plenty left over to make dainty holly leaves. Those pies were so darn perfect that I wanted to mail you a picture just to prove my skill.

Today, I set out to recreate last years Thanksgiving pies. I had big plans Martha. Big plans. This year, still holding my head high from last year’s success, I decided to make FOUR pies. One for us, one for Kara, one for the people I tutor, and one to give away to a neighbor or the fire station down the street. I was feeling really good about my homemaker skills, and even better about my kindness for others during the Thanksgiving season.

But, I got lazy. I couldn’t find your recipe for the crust. I didn’t try that hard– in fact– I didn’t try at all. I figured, a pie crust is a pie crust. They’re all the same. Let the record show THEY ARE NOT THE SAME! The Better Homes and Garden cookbook, usually so trustworthy, let me down. The crust was not enough for holly leaves. It was hard to manage. And my pies are just plain ugly. I’m sure they’ll taste fine, but Martha we both know that presentation is also important for any good meal.

I’ve learned my lesson. Next time I bake apple pie, I’ll be searching the internet again for your recipe.



sidenote: this picture is not my pie. it’s what i wish my pie looked like. this picture is credited to: a worthy image.
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