Six seconds to spare

by Lesley on November 3, 2008 · 2 comments

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I am a runner. I run fast sometimes. I run at 6am. I run in the dark. I run in pain. I run when I don’t want to. I run with friends. I run by myself (sometimes) and I run in races. I’m a runner. It feels funny to say that.

I didn’t used to be a runner and sometimes I hate being one. It’s taken two years of sacrifices and discipline that hasn’t always come easy. But one thing I’ve learned is that almost anyone can run. When people say to me, “I could never do that.” I say, “I thought the same thing.” I don’t really want to hear your excuses. It’s not a matter of can or cannot– it’s a matter of want or don’t want to. And many people don’t want to run. That’s okay. Just don’t tell me you can’t because, hello, I’m not exactly the most coordinated/athletic person alive. Just ask my siblings who will be happy to tell you about the last 26 years of my life.

Back to the post.

This past weekend was the Santa Barbara Newspress Half Marathon. It was my second year running the race, and my third half (click the running tag to see past pictures). This was the first time I had a goal time, and I’m really happy to say I made my 2 hour time with only six seconds to spare. It felt really, really good that all those early mornings, and hot Saturday runs paid off. I loved running with Sharon, Jonathan, Jeremiah, Erin and Hilary. I loved having my parents there to cheer me on. I loved going to Fresco to celebrate. I loved the SB sunrise and sunset. I loved seeing everyone and their moms (literally) and I love completing a goal.

Thanks Sharon, Bethie and Jonathan for being the best running partners I could have asked for. So, what should I do next? Triathlon?

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