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ironwell colorado 2008…

…i do not want to go to bed because i am enjoying your company so very much. i could spend forever with you in this kitchen making aeblskivers. yes, i am chomping on a plastic baby during your baby shower because there is nothing classier. wow, your belly is even cuter than i thought it could be which must indicate your son will be perfect. when i walked into your beautiful house i realized how old we all are and i got happy and freaked out at the same time. i am so happy its raining so that we can just sit here and drink tea together. a massage was the best idea we’ve had in a long time. no, we aren’t all mormons- we just are anxious to try your new hot chocolate collection. mmmmm… why does california have goodtimes frozen custard? i love that your belly keeps hiccuping. sixty chocolate chip cookies were apparently not enough. i’m so glad that you now like cockapoos and sushi. i am so thankful you listen to me, and pray for me, and affirm me, and fight with me, and make-up with me, and love me in all the ways i need.

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I'm obviously not who this post was intended for, but I'm in the office (that I share with about 5 too many people) and I'm crying a bit. I really like this post and I'm thankful for close friendships.

Amy Vogt
Amy Vogt

tear...I miss you girls.


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