Glitter and Cowboys and 80th Birthdays

by Lesley on September 23, 2008 · 3 comments

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I have never regretted spending the money to travel. Ever. I have regretted purchasing sweaters on sale that I didn’t really like all that much, or shoes that didn’t really fit. But, travel– especially when it means seeing family– is always, always a good choice.

I can’t always afford traveling though, especially when I’ve already splured on a Boston trip and upcoming girls weekend to Colorado, plus tickets shot up to $350 dollars! Holy gas prices. The end of cheap airfare is over! Anyway, all this to say, I’m especially grateful that my parents chipped in to pay for some of my ticket last weekend to Park City, Utah for my Grandpa Frank’s 80th birthday party because otherwise I would have made the responsible decision of not going. I’m really fortunate that all four of my grandparents are still alive, and three of the four have already reached 80. I’d missed both my mom’s parents big celebrations because of lack of money and lack of time, and regretted missing out. How often do you get to celebrate someone’s 80th, right? (As a side note– my Amie is in the pictures above. She’s my mom’s mom and it’s her birthday today!! Happy Birthday Amie! Thanks for hanging out in the hot tub on Sunday!)

The weekend was like a 72 hour wedding weekend with rehearsal dinner on Friday night, the real party on Saturday, and after party on Sunday night. My family knows how to party, which is evidenced by the pictures I’ve posted. Have you seen my dad dance (and sweat)? Have you seen my sister head bang? Have you seen my Amie & Dodaddy look all classy in the midst of the madness? Have you seen my aunt’s boyfriend Keith play the drums? No? Well, there ain’t nothin’ like it. They go, and go, and go…and it’s hilarious and fun and wonderful all evening long.

My mom and aunt’s made the evening very special– with really cute blown up pics of my grandpa growing up, an almond dough cake with all 80 candles, a surprise Sarah Palin impersanator, glitter and cowboys, and stylin’ party favors. I did my part by– um– painting my nails? It was the least I could do… considering my mom also dressed me for the party. Seriously, the shirt and the belt are hers. And I’m grateful, since sometimesI still don’t know how to dress myself.

I concluded this weekend was just one example of why my dad’s side of the family so unique. Everyone is always included. It’s always been this way: “Come over for Thanksgiving, and bring your friend. And if they want to bring a friend, tell them they’re invited too!” So this weekend ended up being a 100 person party with family, and friends, and friends of friends, and friend’s kids’ cousins, and everyone in between. All saying, “We love Hawk because he’s like our grandpa too!”

Happy Birthday Grandpa Frank. We all love you. Yeahfursure.
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SportsFan's Daughter
SportsFan's Daughter

If our grandpas met they would raise hell together! Also, you should definitely forget to return that shirt to your mom.