Just an ordinary day

by Lesley on September 7, 2008 · 1 comment

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Recently I’ve had a few really great weekends and have shared just how wonderful they are on this very blog. I like posting pictures and sharing about my fun, but I’d also hate to give anyone the impression that my life is all travel and fun.

Take tonight, for instance. Tonight is just an ordinary night at home, like last night. We hit up Applebees with Jeremiah. I’d never been to Applebees so I splurged and got the trio appetizer plate as my dinner and haven’t regretted it one bit. Strawberry lemonade, artichoke dip, buffalo wings and mini burgers? Bring it on. I earned it after all. We ran 6.5 miles this morning in the heat. Ick.

Then, we came home and I spent a long, long time making a grocery list. I then went to the bank, Blockbuster and Save Mart where I had a very enjoyable shopping experience. Usually I brave Trader Joes on Sunday afternoon which is basically the very worst time to go grocery shopping. I almost have an anxiety attack in there every week between all the people and the kids and the shopping carts and the…everything. Tonight no one was at Save Mart! Of course! They were all doing way exciting Saturday night stuff. But guess what? Shopping on a Saturday night pays off! The cashier gave me free sliced chicken! Carrot sticks! And…drumroll…Barbie fruit snacks!

Good thing too. I came home and was a polite hostess to Jonathan and all his guy friends who are over here playing Rail Baron. They wolfed those fruit snacks down like they’d never eaten before. Mmmm… I’m such a good wife, right?

Among other exciting things this week– watching the Bucket List, reading a new investigative book about the Fellowship (from the library! yes! love it) and buying new storage containers and a shower liner at Target. All the things I haven’t gotten to do when gallivanting around the U.S.

In the meantime, I turned Lori down for a fun weekend together and felt really bad about it. I’m trying to be better about setting boundaries for introvert time since I’ve apparently not been good with this skill recently. Sorry Lor. I’ll see you tomorrow in Fantasy world and promise to visit soon.

Enjoy your weekends!

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