The dog days of Summer

by Lesley on September 4, 2008 · 0 comments

in family,travel

I always wanted to be a lake girl. Really, I’m a beach girl. A Roxy beach girl from Orange County and I can’t fool anyone. Especially when I’m shrieking “I’m GOING TO DIE!!!!” on the back of a jet ski.

Bass Lake was a ton of fun… we camped (sorta) but used all the luxuries of my parent’s Airstream. They cooked while we relaxed. I read a ton. We went for my kind of hike (1/2 mile up for a view of the lake) and rented a boat and jet skis. Jonathan always talks about how he wants to buy a jet ski and I thought he was sorta silly, but now I could really get into the idea. Who wouldn’t want an excuse to squeeze their hubby for a good hour while he jumps the wake? So fun.
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