The Weekend Run Down

by Lesley on August 3, 2008 · 6 comments

in movies

I usually fall asleep when we watch movies at night but this weekend I stayed awake for three flicks– all very different but each quite good:

Definitely, Maybe
Starts out slow but I found myself loving Ryan Reynolds and Abigail Breslin throughout. This one is a girl movie but Jonathan sat threw it without too much complaining. If you’re in need of a chick flick, treat yourself to this movie.

Under the Same Moon
A story of a young boy from Mexico who travels to the U.S. in search of his mother, working here illegally as a house cleaner. The movie definitely has an “angle” it’s promoting, but I couldn’t help but fall in love with Carlitos and his perseverance.

Loved this movie and didn’t think I would! Considering I hate numbers and don’t gamble, I’m actually surprised I liked this movie as much as I did. It’s based on the book Bringing Down the House– a somewhat true tale of MIT students who make big bucks in Vegas playing blackjack.

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