Blogging for Dinosaurs – Part I

by Lesley on August 3, 2008 · 10 comments

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Corinne said it best: We were dinosaurs at Blogher.

I thought I knew a lot about technology and have since realized I know nothing about our vast World Wide Web. It’s been several weeks since Blogher but I’ve still been thinking about the conference a lot. I’ve also been reading a great book called Clear Blogging by Bob Walsh. I recommend the book to anyone who reads blogs, is thinking about starting a blog, or who wants to make their blog better. It’s also great if you want to blog for your business (and as a PR professional, I’d make the argument that blogging is vital to the future for advertising/sales/PR in any industry).

Anyway, I thought I’d start a series in Blogging “How to”, mostly for all of you anonymous readers that never comment on my blog but seem to come back quite often for visits. (Don’t think you can sneak by. I have a sitemeter on this baby and it shows me where you’re all reading from. Yes, the internet can do things like that. Be afraid. ha ha)

Anyway, I’ve mentioned before that blogging is a conversation. Please, even if you don’t have a blog, feel free to comment on mine. I’d love to have conversation with you. That’s what blogging is all about!

Second, if you are a frequent reader of my blog or any of my friends– consider using an RSS feed. There are many RSS feeds out there but I used Google Reader. RSS feeds basically tell you when a blog has been updated so you don’t have to keep checking back. If you are a neat freak organizer like me, RSS feeds will be your new internet friend. To make it easy, I’ve installed a little button on the right hand colunn that says, “Google reader”. Click there to get started. You’ll also notice that I’ve posted links to Technorati and I’ll give you the rundown on these sites in my next how-to. Get excited.

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