Somebody Stole a Million Dollars

by Lesley on July 30, 2008 · 5 comments

in family

As the oldest in my family, I always longed for an older brother. Instead, I got two older cousins who I thought were the coolest people that walked the planet. Growing up we’d see each other on holidays at my grandparents house. With acres of land to roam, our parents would set us free for a few hours to ride the horse, run my grandpa’s underwear up the flagpole, and construct our dream tree house. (Which Jason and Daniel assured us would have someday have a mote and piranhas).

But our favorite game of all games was “Somebody Stole a Million Dollars.” All of us would huddle around the phone in my grandparents bedroom waiting for Daniel to pick up our imaginary caller. As the sheriff he’d then yell, “Somebody stole a million dollars!!!” and we’d all run screaming out of the house and onto the trails– looking for the bad guy who had robbed the imaginary bank.
Now, at 26, Daniel is a real policeman in Mammoth! We had a blast celebrating his graduation last weekend in Long Beach. I can think of no one better for the job. Congrats Daniel! Feel free to call me for backup.
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