The Corner Office

by Lesley on July 25, 2008 · 6 comments

in growing up,work

I’ve been in the working world for officially four years now– besides the somewhat large chunk of time I took off for China and unemployment. I like to think I’m a little wiser and a little smarter now that I’ve opened my eyes to the world of cubicles and small businesses.

I’ve learned that I work well for people who tell me what I’m doing right, not wrong. I’ve learned that a boss who treats others with respect will receive my respect in return. I’ve learned small businesses cheap out on things like post its and color ink but they pay you better. I’ve learned that staying late and working through lunch makes you indispensable. I’ve learned that you should fully ask for raises when you’ve earned them and you can leave when you aren’t treated right. I’ve learned that you should fake it till you make it. I’ve learned that every success comes from a past failure.

Yesterday I moved into my own office, with a window and a door. It’s the real deal. It’s legit. It’s taken a little while to get there but I’m happy about it. I feel like it’s supposed to be this big proof that I’ve made it now but honestly, the office doesn’t make me feel this way. Rather, it’s the people around me– my boss, my co-workers and my clients who daily make me feel like I’m getting it. I’m figuring this work thing out slowly but surely. Oftentimes I still fail, but no longer is my entire self worth crushed. Daily, I’m growing into myself. Baby steps forward, baby steps back. It feels good.

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