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So, I went to a blog conference this weekend. Don’t laugh. Matthew has already publicly chastised me on his blog so your giggles are not appreciated. (no, really. stop.) Blogher ’08 was a blast. Never again will I make fun of myself for attending something like this… I needed time away from the everyday to think about new technology, new ways to make money, and time with girls! (above: us at the Macy’s cocktail party).

This is Corinne and Emily and I on the lingerie floor at Macy’s. I’m trying to make a Paris Hilton face and I think I succeeded.

How do you like my editing? Picnik baby. I told you it was sweet. I wish I knew what Corinne and I found so funny. Maybe the fact that we were limboing on the 7th floor of Macy’s with a big group of 40 year old women? Yeah, that’d be it.

This is my e-buddy, Anna. We’d only met once in person but consider ourselves blog friends. Again, don’t laugh. Now she’s my real friend. I won’t lie– the girl has got some sweet dance moves that would make my dad jealous. If you don’t know my dad that would sound creepy. If you do know him, it makes complete sense.

Corinne, my former roommate and Europe travel friend, is the person I probably knew the best over our girls weekend. The rest of the girls are friends that I’ve made through others (i.e. Emily and Allison are great friends / Meg is friends with Peach /Anna and I met at a wedding). Corinne and I have danced in random Berlin hotel rooms. I’ll stop there.

And this is the whole gang! It’s the first shot we took of about 10– just so everyone looked their best. I decided it was the most natural one of us all. Even though we’re blogging nerds, we like to think we’re pretty hot. Right? Click on the other girls’ links for their reviews of the weekend. And, more to come from me. After all, I need to report on all the great stuff I learned!

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