8 Reasons I’m Happy Today

by Lesley on July 12, 2008 · 2 comments

in highs/lows

1. Katie Hardeman is back in America which means two things: a. life is all around better. b. I need to update my T-mobile favorite 5 to include her.

2. The sun is back out, it’s in the 90s, and we’re hitting up Second Saturday tonight to celebrate. Art galleries, street musicians, food galore, random cross dressers, trolleys, bikes, fire dancers and friends.

3. I got my Glamour magazine in the mail today. Perfect timing for the weekend.

4. My zucchinis are growing like mad. I will soon be baking bread for the long winter ahead just like Barbara Kingsolver taught me.

5. John Mayer’s new live album is delicious. Freeeeee Fallinnnnn….

6. Have I mentioned one week ’till Coldplay and Blogher? Oh yeah, I have.

7. Jenny lives in Santa Barbara now and while I haven’t been down to visit, just knowing she’s in the same state brings me considerable joy. She’s a gem.

8. My husband just flexed his arm muscle and then kissed it. I laughed loudly.

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