Random Money Things You Want to Know

by Lesley on June 24, 2008 · 7 comments

in money

We’re trying to be good with how we manage our money. This isn’t always easy. Sometimes, like this weekend, I’m not allowed to go to Target. (Danger Zone. I always find something I “need” like a new dress or shoes.) Anyway, Jonathan went and bought the cleaning supplies we needed just to save us the $50 bucks I’d likely have spent. Here are a few others cool things he knows about:

The best website for finding charities you can trust: www.charitynavigator.com. We were researching a few charities we like and wanted to make sure they manage their money effectively. This site will show you all the details you need!

We also needed to buy new heads for our electric toothbrush. They can be very pricy! Jonathan found that Amazon has a program called Subscribe and Save. Basically, if you have a product that you know you buy every month, or three months, or six months (or whenever), you can subscribe to have the product automatically sent to you. Usually you’ll get a huge discount on the item plus free shipping. We got our toothbrushes for 20% off normal prices and didn’t have to drive to Walmart. Love it!

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