Peace and Friendship

by Lesley on May 28, 2008 · 4 comments

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A good friend tells you when your pants sag at the butt.

…..stops by unannounced and doesn’t apologize.
…..does your eye makeup for you when you don’t have a clue how to apply it yourself.
…..helps herself to the food in your fridge.
…..picks up where you left off.
…..waits for you in the cold to go running.
…..leaves random voicemails for you with no expectation they’ll be returned.
…..calls your parents “Mama and Papa Sebek”.
…..isn’t afraid to tell you about her acne.
…..celebrates your successes.
…..speaks the truth in love.
…..buys you Mochii even when you refuse and feel bad about it.
…..sends you random e-mails about overturned Oreo cookie trucks.
…..asks your advice, and takes it.
…..isn’t afraid of steam room socializing.
…..keeps her mouth shut.
…..names her first baby after you. (Hint.)
…..knows your love language.
…..forgives again.

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who is pregnant and considering the name Lesley regardless of the sex of the baby?? Have you ever heard of the marriage gurus who are themselves married (check) and both named Lesley?


Thanks Leslie, we are pretty stoked!! I have to tell you your video to katie was hilarious, dan and i watched it like 5 times. I like jonathon and the laker game in the background!!!!


oh! ;)i was in woodbridge over the weekend, and waved hi as i walked by your family's house. nice flowers in the back.

Amy Vogt
Amy Vogt

"Forgives again" is my favorite.