Reasons I Love Trader Joes

by Lesley on April 4, 2008 · 1 comment

in food

There are plenty of reasons I love Trader Joes. These are only a few: new frozen desserts every time I visit (including yummy ice cream sandwiches that I tried last night and creme brule that I slurped down tonight), daffodils at check-out, polenta lasagna, stuffed bell peppers, pasta made with durham wheat, delicious breads, australian licorice, their nut selection, Trader Os, frozen potstickers, calamari, hazelnut crusted trout, pesto pizza, chocolate covered pretzels, free samples, mochii!, basil plants, cuties, orange chicken, apple cider, multi grain pancake mix, blue corn tortilla chips, honey wheat pretzels, friendly cashiers, rewards for bringing your own bags, and it’s (in my opinion) more affordable and perfect when cooking for two.

The only things I dislike: an always crowded parking lot and not-so-good produce.

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Amy Vogt
Amy Vogt

I'm quite bitter right now, because I love Trader Joes, and we definitely do not have them here. But so happy for you of course!