My Golden State

by Lesley on February 3, 2008 · 9 comments

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I love California. Always have, always will. I kept saying this to myself yesterday as we walked through the California Museum of History, Women and the Arts. My favorite parts were the new Hall of Fame, talking to a Japanese Internment Camp survivor, and looking at the Barbie exhibit. And, to top it all off, it was FREE!!! Free Museum Day in Sacramento! Love it. We also checked out the Leland Stanford Mansion, which was sorta cool but not as great as the California Museum. Plus, we had to stand out in the rain to get in and it was cold!! I loved this quote today on the wall:

“Break your mirrors! Yes indeed–shatter the glass… In our society that’s so self absorbed, begin to look less at yourself and more at each other. You’ll get more satisfaction from having improved your neighborhood, your town, your state, your country and your fellow human beings then you’ll ever get from your figure, your car, your house or your credit rating.” –Sargent Shriver
Another thrilling part of our weekend was Friday night. I’ve posted a picture of celebrating my NOT getting an annual raise. It made me feel so good, after a long week of overtime, to sit through my annual review and get praised for my past year and then be told they are not giving raises right now. And, when they do, they’ll be minimal. Yeaaaaaaa! Yeaaaaaaaa! It’s so wonderful to be the sole income earner in our house and not get a raise! ( I do realize this is not a flattering picture of us, and that we look drunk. We aren’t. But isn’t it funny?)

On to more fun stuff– went to San Francisco today to listen to Jim Wallis speak at Grace Cathedral. Rachel Prandini invited me weeks ago and I’d been really looking forward to it, especially because we met up with Lori. It was fun to drive with Rachel because we’re still getting to know each other and it was fun to have good talk time. Rachel has been an unexpected blessing and friend this year, introduced to me by Lori who lived with Rachel last year in Santa Barbara. She is attending Davis as a first-year law student and comes over on Thursdays for girls’ Grey’s Anatomy night. Anyhoo… the cathedral was gorgeous, the weather was too, and I ran into my sister-in-law, Sarah! Jim Wallis was fun to see, but he didn’t say a whole lot which was disapointing. Iwas hoping to leave inspired, but the only thing I really liked was that he said him and Bono have been reading Luke 4 together this past year. I think I need to go read Luke 4 and figure out what all the hype is about.

I loved worshipping in such a beautiful building though–there is something amazing about having all of your senses engaged (the sight of stained glass, the smells of encense, the sound of chanting wafting through the rafters). As a random tangent, I’d like to just throw out there that I think the Emergent movement is seeking to create this sense of full body worship you might typically only seen in traditional churches. We followed up the service with a yummy lunch at a tiny Italian bistro down the street and then walked for an hour trying to find a Pinkberry esque yogurt store. We finally found it–and although it was not exactly what we were picturing, we still enjoyed ourselves. I tried to post a picture of Rachel, Lori and I at the yogurt shop enjoying our probiotic goodness but it’s not working. Plus, I think my face looks fat in the picture so I’m sort of happy it’s not letting me post. (I do realize it’s egotistical of me to make that comment. Oh well!) Happy Monday!
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