by Lesley on February 1, 2008 · 1 comment

in china

This is us at the Guangzhou train station, March 2006.

This is the Guanghou train station this week

Bad weather in China, the worst in 17 years, has stranded 77 MILLION people, with 200,000 passengers needing accomodations at the train station in Guangzhou. The day we were there, an average Wednesday, the station was smelly, dirty and crowded with people sleeping everywhere. I cannot imagine where 200,000 will go!
Well, according to news reports- nowhere:”Standing shoulder to shoulder, the travelers — most of them migrant workers — waited to board trains. Some said they had been standing all night. The workers were desperate to get home for next week’s Lunar New Year, a holiday as important in China as Christmas is in the West. For millions of laborers, the festival, which begins Feb. 7, is their only chance to leave their dreary factory jobs and visit their families.”

Say a little prayer for the weather to lighten up in China!

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That is so nuts that you were there! Also, was that just a coincidence that your previous post also had umbrellas?