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by Lesley on January 9, 2008 · 2 comments

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  • Why did everyone yesterday say that Clinton didn’t stand a chance in New Hampshire and then she won?
  • Why does my Glamour magazine always arrive days after the grocery store gets it? Shouldn’t I have a priority for being a subscriber?
  • Am I the only one that is uncomfortable in the locker room at my gym? The towels are just so small…
  • Can an almost 6 foot tall white girl really look ok trying hip hop, or are people lying to me?
  • Why isn’t the weather man ever accurate?
  • Will I get to see any of the candidates when they visit California in early February?
  • Why are microwave lunches so small?
  • Why is it the same price at McDonald’s to buy a chicken nugget/fries as a chicken nugget meal that includes a soda?
  • Why isn’t all the power back in Sacramento yet? It wasn’t that strong of a storm…
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Anna Jordan
Anna Jordan

I just want it to be known that as I read this post I was thinking about how I was going to comment with a list... then emily did it first. So since my list idea was taken I will just have to agree with Emily and add that I always just bring a beach towel to the gym when I shower there - it's terribly obnoxious to have to do so but it makes the whole showering/getting ready experience that much more pleasant. Oh, and I'm really sorry about the power situation.


1. the media lies. 2. that's rude. 3. yes, you should. 4. no. those towels are small! 5. i'm not sure, i'd have to see your skills. 6. cause they lie too-- it has to do with being part of the media-- refer to answer one. 7. not sure. maybe if you come to san francisco? 8. i guess cause they are usually trying to make it 300 calories or less. maybe not.9. i love that you eat at mcdonalds. 10. cause pg&e is giving power back to the cities where the most people lost power first. maybe not that many people lost it in sacramento?