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by Lesley on January 6, 2008 · 0 comments

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I love when a movie challenges your perspective. Sharon, Peach and I saw The Kite Runner last night. I adored every minute of it. Haven’t been so moved by a film in such a long time. The book is better (they always are) but the movie truly captured the book through the music, beautiful scenery and language. The reason I highly recommend seeing this movie is that it is a strong reminder of why people love America, choose to come here and don’t want to leave. People don’t come here because they hate their culture, food or language. Most of the time, they come here because they are fighting to make it– whether it be persecution they fight, evil dictators or an inability to provide for their family.

The story is the picture of ultimate friendship and loyalty. It challenged my own racist views of the Muslim world. It reminded me of the horrible, evil people we do fight across our oceans. It allowed me think about what it would be leave to flee my country. Even if I left my home, would I ever be able to abandon my religion, culture, language, traditions? What is our responsibility to the men, women and children that flee to America because their own lands are so dangerous they have no choice?
As an interesting post note, the young actors in this movie are making their first debut– they’ve never been in a film before and are native to Kabul. Because of a controversial scene in the movie, they had to flee in early December from Afghanistan. Read more here.
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