And Why Should I Care About Britney?

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Britney’s Meltdown.

A few questions of my own are in bold below:

7 p.m.• Federline’s bodyguard shows up to pick up the boys and return with them to Kevin’s Tarzana home. Why is the bodyguard picking up these boys? Where is dad?
8:20 p.m.• With Federline’s bodyguard still at Spears’s home, four police cars arrive, followed by Federline’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan. Spears’s court-appointed child monitor called authorities after Spears locked herself in a room with Jayden. So, the lawyer and child monitor have arrived, but where is dad?
9 p.m.• Spears’s friend Sam Lutfi arrives at the house. Friend arrives. Where did you say dad is?
9:30 p.m.• Federline’s lawyer leaves Spears’s house. Did dad leave? Oh wait, he’s not there yet.
11 p.m.Ambulances and fire trucks arrive, as news and police helicopters hover over Spears’s neighborhood. Several neighbors flee the chaotic scene. Spears is strapped to a gurney and placed in one of the ambulances. And K-Fed must be fighting chaotic L.A. traffic trying to get to the scene?
11:55 p.m.• Britney, seen smiling and laughing in the ambulance and covered by a grey blanket, is taken from her house. Police cars escort the ambulance as it drives, sirens blaring, through the Beverly Hills community. Spears appears alert during the trip to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, even giving the middle finger to photographers during the 20-minute drive. Jayden rides in separate ambulance to the hospital with the monitor; Spears’s son Preston is later taken to Federline’s house in a separate car. Dad? Is that you? No, wait. It’s that court monitor again. I’m sure very comforting for a 1-year old.
Friday, 12:25 a.m.• Federline arrives at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in a Dodge truck. Spears’s father, Jamie, arrives later. Oh, thanks for joining us Kev. You’re only 5 1/2 hours late! And, you’ve brought Grandpa too? Phew. Another responsible male figure for Jayden and Preston.
2:15 a.m.• Spears pal Lutfi leaves the hospital. Britney is in 72-hour mental lockdown.
5 a.m.• Federline takes Jayden back to his Tarzana home. Wonderful that a 1-year old has been up all night at Mommy’s lockdown facility. Just wonderful.

Do you want to know why I care about Britney? I care about Britney’s well being because she has two small, innocent boys who are daily being subjected to her and her ex-husband’s awful parenting choices. I so hope to see her life turn around, so that her children have some chance of a normal life.

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