For Anna

by Lesley on January 2, 2008 · 5 comments

in friends,running

Spent New Years Eve with a similar crew as last year… minus Eric and Camille, add Shane, Anna and Jim. Evening was low key– Chinese food, desserts, drinks, the Question game, Dick Clark, etc. Today we played football in the park. I hate football and didn’t really enjoy myself other than when I got to scream “One Alligator, Two Alligator, Three Alligator.” Because Anna told me I needed to blog this picture, I’m doing it. Plus, I’m using this opportunity to remind her that one of her 2008 goal is to blog. Get on that Anna. Get on that.

side note: Anna is one of the funnier/wittier people I know so I’m looking forward to her blog debut. It will be a new favorite.

Also, I used all of my new running stuff yesterday. Got a new jacket to keep me warm in the 35 degree morning weather. I’m also in love with my new Nike+run. Do you know what it does? I can track all of my runs by how far I go, calories burned, etc. LOVE IT. LOVE IT. LOVE IT. Thanks Sarah Miller. Here’s a few pics I made Jonathan take yesterday to prove that we have adapted to Northern California weather. We ran 9 minute miles yesterday which for me was pretty good… plus, Lance Armstrong came on at the end of the workout and told me Congratulations. Sweet.

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