A Clampett Christmas Celebration

by Lesley on December 30, 2007 · 0 comments

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You know that when your father receives a Motel 6 tshirt under the tree it’s a pretty strong sign that you are indeed part of the Clampett family. Look at how proud he looks…isn’t that adorable?
In keeping with the theme of posting pictures of my grandparents, I decided to give you a sneak peak of what a typical Sebek Christmas Eve tends to look like. The woman behind the hands is my grandmother, Jeanne, who doesn’t like her picture taken. I take secret pleasure in posting her picture on the internet because a. she won’t ever know that it’s here since she refuses to even look at a computer and b. because if she did know it was on here, she’d strangle me. (I’m not saying that to be dramatic or funny. I’m dead serious.) Allison, looking quite trendy as usual, is giving me the grumpy face for no particular reason while my grandpa (Do-daddy) looks on at the scene.

Next, a picture of Allison, Mom, Do-daddy and Me. If you look closely behind us, the Sebek Hawaiian Christmas tree shines brightly. (See previous post for further details about themed trees). And, don’t be jealous your house doesn’t smell like tuberose/pine at Christmas. I love it.

Finally, a picture of Jonathan and I on our drive from Mission Viejo to Murrieta on Christmas Day. Jonathan is proudly wearing his new Hasselbeck jersey that I gave him (I really don’t understand boys and football jerseys. They seem silly to me but if that’s what makes him happy that I’m happy.) It’s our third Christmas being married and we find it a little bit hard to balance our two families only because we love both of them and want to spend equally enough time with each. We’re always afraid that one family might feel hurt or left out when we don’t get over soon enough or leave too early, but, each holiday that comes and goes I find myself wondering why we stress so much. Our parents and siblings have been great– this year Jonathan’s brother and sisters even waited until Christmas night to open gifts with us! Besides feeling continually full the entire week of Thanksgiving and Christmas, I enjoy our little balancing act very much!

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