Christians Barred from Attending Beijing Games

by Lesley on December 6, 2007 · 1 comment

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I get e-mails several times a week regarding persecution stories happening to Christians in China. I feel that I have to share several of these stories to continue raising awareness and asking for prayer for our brothers and sisters in China.

WORKER SENTENCED TO TWO-YEARS RE-EDUCATION THROUGH LABOR FOR ASSISTING AMERICAN CHRISTIAN BUSINESSMAN– December 4, 2007 CAA has learned that Wusimanyiming, a former employee of Xinjiang Pacific Agricultural Resources Development Company, Ltd. , has been sentenced to two years education through labor for allegedly assisting foreigners in illegal activities. Mr. Wusimanyiming, is a 35-year-old college graduate from Wuerqi village and is of Uyghur ethnicity…. Following an investigation, officials have stated that clear and solid evidence was found convicting Mr. Wusimanyiming to have assisted foreigners in illegal activities from March of 1998 through April of 2004. These illegal activities allegedly included the releasing of government secrets and documents. In addition, the owner of Xinjiang Pacific Agricultural Resources Development Company, Ltd, an American businessman and Christian, was expelled from China and his company shut down pending further investigation. The sentencing of Mr. Wusimanyiming and the expulsion of his employer from the country are unjust punishments against innocent businessmen. How an ordinary citizen without admittance to privileged information, gained access to government secrets and documents is a question that begs to be answered. The reason for Mr. Wusimanyiming’s arrest and sentencing seems far more likely stem from the fact that his employer is a foreign businessman and outspoken Christian. This unjustifiable arrest of brother Wusimanyiming further illustrates the efforts of the Chinese government to curtail the spread of Christianity within China .

China Security Issued Blacklist of 43 Types of People in 11 Categories to Be Barred from Attending Olympic Games; Religious People Under Strict Scrutiny (Nov 8, 2007)

CAA learned from reliable internal Chinese government sources that in April of 2007, the Ministry of Public Security of the Chinese government issued a general nation-wide order, requiring strict examinations on all people both in China and overseas who will participate in the Olympic Games. These include members of the Olympic Committee, athletes, media and sponsors. With this, they also provide a list of 43 types of people in 11 categories to be barred from attending the Olympic Games.

In early April of 2007, the Ministry of Public Security secretly issued to public security departments throughout the country a document entitled “Notice on Strict Background Check on Applicants for the Olympic Games and the Test Events”

11 categories of people:
1. Antagonistic elements.
2. Adherents of Falun Gong, other cults and harmful Qigong organizations.
3. Religious extremists and religious infiltrators.
4. Secessionists of ethnic minorities.
5. Media employees who can harm the Olympic Games.
6. Non-government organizations engaging in activities that can pose a real threat to the Olympic Games.
7. Dangerous elements, key petitioners and other people who have serious grievances against the Party.
8. People for whom the judicial authorities have filed a case for investigation or have adopted forced criminal or administrative measures.
9. Criminals under surveillance, on probation, parole, medical parole or criminals deprived of their political rights or serving their sentence outside the prison, and people placed in the programs of reformation through labor or serving their sentence outside the reformation centers.
10. Terrorists.
11. Members of illegal organizations.

I’m so happy to see that Christians and the Media clumped right in their with Terrorists as people unable to attend the Olympic Games. Sure doesn’t want to make me support any part of the Games!

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