Thoughts on Christmas Music

by Lesley on November 1, 2007 · 4 comments

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Tonight is Halloween. We already ran out of candy (because I ate most of it before kids came, whoops…) and so we’re hiding in our house and ignoring the doorbell. I’m feeling a little bit guilty about this but I figure that one of the joys in being young with no children is that we can choose to shut our door and do our own thing. We also found out that our neighbor below us, Helen, wasn’t getting any of the trick-or-treaters so we moved our jack-o-lantern down to her door and just pointed the kids in the right direction. I feel pretty good about our little switcheroo and a lot less guilty about being the mean people with the lights off.

Today was a not so happy day at work and I left feeling angry. What made me even angrier was my drive home. As I flipped through radio stations I turned to the FISH (Christian station) to hopefully find a little worship music to lift my spirits. Instead, (dramatic pause) I heard CHRISTMAS MUSIC. Christmas music. On Halloween. I just about blew a gasket… in my car all by myself I yelled, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! ARE. YOU. KIDDING ME???” It’s Halloween and the FISH so conveniently chose today to start celebrating Baby Jesus in a manger. I’m not sure if this was their attempt at protesting the day but regardless of their reason, I feel the need to say I do not agree with Christmas music in October. And I know there are much bigger things to complain about but I’m annoyed. On a little bit of a deeper level, it made me think about how as humans we’re always on to the next best thing– a bigger, nicer car, the promotion, dessert, whatever. Sometimes we’re so preoccupied by wondering and planning for what’s next, we’re don’t celebrate today. It’s interesting that for the last six weeks, all of the stores were ready for Halloween, homes are decorated and parties are happening. And then, if magically on cue, as soon as Halloween officially arrives, we’ve moved onto the next thing. Don’t get me wrong– I don’t even actually care much about Halloween– but I do think it’s important to think about sometimes it’s important to slow down, take things one day at a time, and enjoy the moment.

Darn it. Now I’m feeling guilty about not answering my door. Sigh.

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