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by Lesley on September 7, 2007 · 2 comments

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I am in a funny mood right now. I have heartburn- probably from the McDonalds I ate for dinner. Mmmmm… I love McDonalds. Jonathan is at class tonight and he hates the place. A few years ago, after I read Fast Food Nation, I stopped eating there for a good year. If I had just a tiny bit more willpower, I’d still be protesting (because, let’s face it, the quality of the meat and fake chickens…ugh. you don’t want to know!) But every once in awhile when Jonathan isn’t around I’ll indulge. A few months is way too long for a girl to go without a filet o’ fish! I think the second reason I’m having weird chest pains is that we ran this morning when we probably shouldn’t have. I guess there are fires burning nearby and the air quality is horrible. I know this because on our last mile we saw the News10 van reporting about the air. I asked the reporter if we shouldn’t be out running and before I knew it, I was on live TV at 6:45 a.m., no makeup, hadn’t brushed my hair (or my teeth for that matter) and was looking lovelier than lovely. Naturally, as luck would have it, the only person who happened to see it was my boss. Fabulous.

So, since Jonathan is still out, I have also been naughty and watched Girls Next Door. Let me start by saying, I do not condone this behavior. For those of you who aren’t familiar, The Girls Next Door is about Hugh Hefners girlfriends. There is no nudity– but I still hate giving any ratings to a show that is associated with him. The whole thing is so intriguing though that I can’t help but watch. Why would any girl find it fun to share an 81 year old man!?! What I find interesting is how the girls are never shown competing or fighting, something you’d typically see on MTV reality shows. I think Hef is trying to portray a message that its completely normal, ok and easy to share multiple girlfriends. I have a hard time believing that life is as happy and normal for these women as the show makes it out to be.

In other news, I went to Teaz Me today in Roseville. Teaz Me is this hot new tea shop where there are five different ways you can have your tea served with multiple flavors in each. (Do you want it thick like a smoothie? Frosty? Iced? Sparking? Hot? Chai?) I make a visit to Teaz Me at least a couple times a month since I’m not a coffee fan. There is also a second new tea shop in midtown. I’m not sure if Sacramento is the only place seeing this new tea craze but we are also experiencing a surge in healthy yogurt shops that serve Pinkberry. (Google it…) My suggestion to anyone not in Sac Town- start a Pinkberry shop or a tea store. They are the rage!

Ok, now I have America’s Next Top Model on. I’ve never watched the show and I just decided I don’t like it. Tyra keeps telling these girls they need tricks to make them look better. For example, she just stuffed a girls upper lip with paper underneath it to make them look fuller. What happened to embracing natural beauty?

I intended to write about some much deeper issues in this blog including a U2 book I just read, stuff happening in China and the release of the South Korean missionaries this week. I feel kinda stupid talking about these things after I’ve discussed McDonalds, my tv debut and a tea craze. So, I’ll return when I’m in less of a silly mood to discuss life with you all!

I’m going to go take a antacid…

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Anna Jordan
Anna Jordan

fyi - Girls Next Door is a fantastic guilty pleasure. I totally understand...of course I am the girl that just posted about how much I love Britney Spears...