Welcome to 100 degree days…

by Lesley on July 1, 2007 · 0 comments

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Sacramento Summer has started! We’ve already spent several Saturdays tubing down the American River and had a blast. I posted a picture of Sharon and I, taken yesterday, on our River Rats. 🙂 We barbecued last night and then got ice cream at Burrs- it was a perfect summer weekend. Last week Jonathan got a new fishing pole and we spent two evenings down at the river. I read my new book, A Thousand Splendid Suns, while he attempted to catch fish. (So far, only one to count! 🙂 I highly recommend the book and will post a bit about it as soon as I finish. The river is so pretty in the evening because its very quiet and calm, and not too hot. I like being able to sit out in a tank top and not get cold. It’s been so wonderful to have Jonathan around more this summer since he’s not in school. We get to hang out every night and all weekend long…I’m already mourning the end of summer and it’s still six weeks away! Jonathan is learning a lot at the District Attorney’s office- researching murder cases and putting all of his first year knowledge to use. He’s actually really enjoyed the work so far and I could see him deciding to be a DA. Secretly, I’m pretty into this idea cause it would mean I get to see him a lot more than if he worked for a private firm. But for now, we’ll just keep enjoying the great weekends and see what happens this fall when he has to decide about next summer.

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