Watching the roses come back

by Lesley on May 21, 2007 · 0 comments

in running

One of the things I have noticed since I started running consistently is the change in seasons. Getting up at the same time every morning and watching the sunrise not only sharpened my senses to the length of the days, but also to the weather. For many months, Sharon, Sam and I met shivering under the light of one long street post and it would take several miles before the sun would come breaking through the darkness. We watched the leaves drop from the trees until they were bare and witnessed the death of the rose garden– leaving behind brown grass and sad twigs. But, in the past month I have awoken to sunlight breaking through our blinds and I no longer have to bundle in layers to go out. The best part of the spring months has been the return of the McKinley rose garden which is now bursting with color and life. Summer is almost here!!
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