February Trees

by Lesley on February 24, 2007 · 1 comment

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February has been a really fun month. I saw a little bit of hope for a beautiful spring in Sacramento… the mornings have been milder and lighter and my birthday tree is out in full bloom right now. For my birthday my mom and dad flew me down to Orange County (courtesy of Aloha Airlines, who I might note cancelled my return flight back to Sacramento and provided terrible customer service). Other than that putting a small damper on my actual birthday, the weekend before was really really fun. We celebrated Karen’s engagement at a beach party in Palos Verdes- the real reason I flew home. I am so excited for my aunt to get married. It was a special day to meet Gary’s extended family and celebrate together. My parents, Allison and I saw a movie at the Irvine Spectrum on Saturday night and I spent all day Sunday making Valentine’s crafts with my mom. I was inspired by Martha Stewart’s website, and because I love V Day, I wanted to make some things for my girlfriends. We baked, cut, and crafted the entire afternoon and I just loved it. I miss my mom so it was special to have time with her. I posted a picture of the hanging treats.

After flying home on my birthday I worked all day and then got sushi at Mikuni’s with Jonathan. It was our first time visiting the downtown restaurant and it was sooooooo good. The ahi appetizer and rolls are definitely worth going back for and I plan to. He got me a gardening set complete with tin watering can, flowered gloves, seeds and tools. We have a huge planter in our backyard that I am going to attempt to conquer this season! Later in the week we also celebrated with friends at Joe’s Crab Shack. For Valentine’s Day we made fondue at home next to the fireplace. It turned out really good… so good that I might expand into the oil and meat category next time instead of just cheese. We’ll see….

Katie came last weekend to spend time with me in Sacramento. I showed her the grand tour- including our famous Capitol visit. It was sunny and in the 70s last weekend! So, we walked midtown, checked out the boutiques and did a little shopping. We also went to the drive-in and saw Dreamgirls. So cute…I hope Jennifer Hudson wins an Oscar. Katie is going to Mozambique this summer for a year! It’d be a dream to visit her down there…Jonathan and I want to go on an African safari but I think it might be a little bit too expensive right now. Plane tickets are $3,000.00!

I’ve posted pics of our fun times this month. Hopefully I’ll have ski pictures tomorrow…if we make it up to Tahoe. The roads might be closed which could damper our plans. Happy Saturday!
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Paige Kearin
Paige Kearin

Happy Belated Birthday Lesley!! It looks like it was a good one. Does this make you 25 years old? 26 year old?